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Our products / Screens

Siktar - Möckeln Svenska AB


Screens with robust constructions and very good sorting ability.
We produce screen boxes and screen stations
in different designs and dimensions. All models can be rigged with washing equipment.

Measurements from 2×1 m – 6×1,8 m

Siktar - Möckeln Svenska AB


2-bearing screen boxes
Measurements 6×1,5

3-bearing screen boxes
Measurements 6×1,5

Screen SV-1
Screen SV-4
Screen SV-9
Screen SV-10
Screen SV-12
Screen SV-15

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Please contact us at
Tel. +46 (0) 476 - 568 00
Mail. info@mockeln.com

Möckeln Svenska AB

Stefan Petersson

Sales spare parts
Tel. +46 (0) 476 - 568 13
Mail. stefan@mockeln.com