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Möckeln Svenska AB

About Möckeln

Möckeln Svenska AB supplies the stone and gravel industry, recycling companies, sawmills and harbours with sorting and material handling equipment. The company consists of about 40 employees, together we have a total of 470 years of experience in the industry. Perhaps that is why we have become known as a reliable supplier of machines and complete facilities among both local and international customers.

With love for our roots

All activities are still located in Älmhult in the south of Sweden. Having all employees and features under one roof makes us a strong supplier, as short decision-making routes create efficient workflows. Our customers, on the other hand, are widely spread. Thirty percent of our sales are made internationally. Our products are used in countries such as Australia, Angola, England, Russia and Germany.

From drawing board to finished solution

We work flexibly to ensure that your needs are met. Our own constructors are included throughout the process, from drawings to finished products. The constructors work closely with the production team. In the production section raw materials are being transformed to become finished product. The transportation from our factory to you as a customer is always taken care by us. We deal with all the permits needed to carry heavy, wide or long freight. We also offer assembly and commissioning of complete facilities.

”Möckeln is helpful and really understand what kind of products we want. We are satisfied customers since 1976.”

Eiton Släryd

Släryds Grus

”Very good products, service and maintenance.”

Ture Hall

Bröderna Hall Grus

Our history

In the spring of 1929, a young man named Eric Nilsson noticed the issues of transporting hay to the many horses in the region. An idea was born and a few years later he registered the company Firma Eric Nilsson. He started to produce hay lifts to Swedish farmers. Little did he know that his simple lift construction would be the starting point of all things that were to come.

Eighty-five years later, both business area and company name have changed. Today, Möckeln works towards three main industries; crushing, sawmill and water and waste. We manufacture and deliver everything from screens, crushers and mobile screeners to feeders and conveyors. This might be a major step away from Nilsson’s original business, yet the company’s philosophy is the same as always; We will help others by making their work easier.


The company receives a major order with Swedish company NCC as a final customer.


The company receives a major order from Latvia.


Fredrik Samuelsson takes over the position as CEO.


Möckeln Svenska AB moves into the new office.


Per Hansson becomes CEO. He holds the position for three years.


Accent Equity enters the main ownership of Tesab Svenska AB and Möckeln Svenska AB.


The company is acquired by Tesab Svenska AB. Now called Möckeln Svenska AB.


Lennart Sevenbäck becomes new CEO. He holds the position until his passing in 1991.


The company changes its name and becomes Möckeln AB.


The first conveyor is manufactured in Möckeln.


The first crusher is manufactured.


The sawmill in Möckeln is purchased. It is owned and operated until 1988.


The first part of the current factory is ready.


The company is awarded a patent for the world's first automatic hay lift.


First hay lift is delivered.


The company is started under the name Firma Eric Nilsson.

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Möckeln Svenska AB

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